Microscopy in the year 2000

In the new century, I will die!

Most children born after 1999, in families able to sustain adequate wealth throughout their own limited lifetimes,  will all see the dawn of the next century 2100!

Many aspects of science will contribute towards this success and the changes such success brings to our social structure, our personal objectives, and the way we deal with life.

The unifying aspect of this extraordinary shift in human existence will come about through the progressive understanding  and application of knowledge about ourselves at the tiniest scale.

The very thing  that will destroy me in the new century will become a common issue, which  - for a moderate fee - will be resolved by the employment of tiny machines (part organic and part inorganic) to clean up and renew those parts of ourselves which become worn out or damaged : nanobots!

Just like the nanobot below cleaning an artery by melting fat and hardened deposits - the new century will spawn the growth of nano-technology application which will transform all life (for good or bad) like nothing that has ever gone before!

[Big animated image loading... wait for it - you will be amazed!]  


Let us hope that such advancement leads to an equal understanding of our complex human relationships and that by the end of the next century - we will  have realised common goals to protect our species, preserve our relationships with each other, and the relationships between us and the planet we live on along with the other creatures inhabiting it.

There is a new century about to begin. It is a time for resolutions greater than those just for a new year. When commercial hype and hysterical fervour subdues, it is a time to reflect on all our ancestors and kin who went before us... and a time to remember that all those billions of people got us here and gave each of us a chance to determine what we can do to improve ourselves as a species.

The Universe began in the smallest thing that ever was. It is a big place now. The world we live in today was born from thoughts so tiny - we cannot even place their origins within our brains - let alone the universe. Dream the tiniest thought for the smallest moment - hold it a fraction longer - work at it for just a tad more... and you will have effectively added or substracted from our species' survival and quality of being in the future.

A good place to reflect on this is in the practical study of enthusiast microscopy. Like to know more? We are working on it:  that's how you arrived here!

Happy new century! Begin today - a step forward for the next thousand years. How? Look closer at everything!! Sacrifice a little time to think smaller and grow a big idea!

kind regards,

Maurice Smith
Onview.net Ltd, Mic-UK, & Micscape Magazine

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