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We use two cookies on our site.

The first just sets a cookie saying you have entered the site, which times itself out after a while. This is used so that when we are showing any top of page banner ads, (often we don't) you only see them once while navigating our site, and not again unless you revisit our site. This is to ensure you are not plagued with advertising.

The second one is invoked if you use our tools to bookmark a page you are viewing. The cookie stores the page address so you can return to where you left off. Each time you use our tool to bookmark a page, it over-writes the last page address you saved.

We do not store nor share any personal information or credit card details.

We don't use them, but when you click on a link on a page on our site which takes you away to another site (not ours) the site visited may well set multiple cookies on your device. We are not responsible for those and your browser should give you an option for not accepting them.

More details in our site help file