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(single-celled, but colonial)

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Further details:
Volvox - the jewel of the pond

Name (genus) : Volvox

Size : Colonies up to 1 mm

Where to find them : Planktonic in still and flowing waters.

Notes : One of the 'jewels' of a pond when found. Volvox is a spherical colony of hundreds of green algal cells each with two whip-like flagella. These cells are distributed on the surface of a hollow jelly-like globe. Sometimes the colony may contain smaller colonies as shown left.

Volvox has features of both algae and protozoa, and is classified by some authorities as a green algae (Chlorophyta) and by others in the protozoan order Volvocida.

Classification :
Kingdom -
Protoctista, Phylum - Chlorophyta

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