Microscope for the PC and the UK-CDrom 1 - (Revised Edition) 
  We are delighted to be able to offer one of the most original software packages ever built at a lower price. Now everyone can afford to investigate our world at the small-scale. Three years in the making, finalist in the best science software awards,  Microscope for the PC offers virtual microscope capability on any compatible PC - from old worn out 386's to contemporary Pentium 400's. Tried and tested on DoS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98 platforms - it is one of the most robust error-free software suites ever built. 

Don't take our word for: download a free version  (2.8meg) and try it out for yourself! 

The MIC-UK CDROM Release 1.0 (Revised Edition) not only contains Microscope for the PC but a bundle of other goodies too (summarised below):- 

  • Complete Library of slidesets including basic and advanced slides for students of biology.
  • Movies in AVI format
  • The Brunel Lecture on Lungs
  • The complete Brunel Microscope Catalogue
  • Full color images in mixed formats on mammal and plant tissues
  • Multimedia 3D presentation
  • The First Year on Micscape : The first historic year of Micscape Magazine!
  • And lots more!
Professionally packaged, sent anywhere in the world by air today, shipping inclusive of price, a boon to the busy educator - (Microscope for the PC is already used in schools in the USA, S.Africa, England, Spain, and many homes throughout the world) - for the low-cost price of 24.95 UK pounds.  

Better still - you can order your copy today by credit card using our 24 hour service! 

But first, maybe you would like to find out more about all the great stuff packed onto this incredible disk? 

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