The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks! (using combs)

Using the Lice Comb

Your comb should have metal teeth, not plastic ones. Take care when inserting the comb into the hair so as to avoid pricking the scalp. The hair should be dampened, ideally pre-washing with a very mild shampoo. This will enable the comb to pass through the hair easily without snagging.

Insert the comb at the hair base and comb through to the ends of the hair. Its a good idea to lay newspaper on a table. Sit at the table and bow your head over the paper. Comb from the back to the front so as to comb out any lice onto the newspaper.

Have a small container of water and some tissue close by. After each strok with the comb, rinse it in the water and then wipe with clean tissue to prevent any lice on the comb being reinserted into the hair when you perform the next stroke.

Make sure you comb through all the hair. Decide where to start and proceed to work across the head and from back to front until all the head has been combed. To be more thorough, place the comb under running water after a few strokes to ensure the comb remains lice-free.

Rinse the comb efficiently before using it on another family member.

Ideally, get someone else in the family to comb your hair. Its easier to do when you are not doing your own hair.


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