The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks! (faqs)

Frequently Asked Questions
We have been asked many. The following summary gives most of the answers. If your answer isn't here,
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  • head lice cannot fly!
  • companies advertise herbal solutions and suggest their customers report these were effective at removing eggs. We repeat... nothing short of a flamethrower will remove eggs from your hair. Users of these products report seeing eggs come out. Impossible, the eggs are microscopic. What they see are old discarded skin cases. Beware of any company suggesting their products remove eggs as it shows they are not looking scientifically at the issue!
  • you can only get lice through head to head contact with someone who already has them in their hair
  • they can only survive for a very short time if they fall off your head and onto carpets, bedding, and furnishings
  • they will only lay their eggs in your head hair
  • they are NOT major carriers of disease in the west
  • they need your body heat, your blood, and oil from your scalp to flourish. Without these things, they die within a day or so.
  • you cannot remove their eggs from your hair. The eggs are glued to the hair shaft
  • when first born they are so small, you will probably not be able to see them
  • they love clean hair and clean people. Being infested with head lice has no bearing on your cleanliness.
  • the secret of their success is due to the way their eggs work
  • there is no need to go mad washing clothes, bed-linen, hoovering your home, in an attempt to get rid of head lice. None of this is neccessary!
  • you do not need shampoos, oils, chemicals, tar, or your head shaved to get rid of them
  • one simple thing will stop reinfestation once you are rid of them
  • a superstrain of headlice exist which is immune to all known insecticide products currently sold to kill them. New products are being developed but need several years to undergo public safety checks.


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