The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks! (images 2)

Lice Images

Young hair louse
This baby louse (a nymph) is swimming in undiluted insecticide shampo designed to kill it. The louse simply got up and carried on living. It is a super louse and is resistant to the current shampoos and lotions designed to kill it.

Hair louse
The hair louse lives on the hair shaft, only climbing down to the scalp to feed by piercing the skin and drawing off blood. Feeding takes about 10 minutes. You won't feel them piercing the skin but after a few weeks of hair infestation, you will start to get itching or crawling sensations in your hair. By this time, the infestation will be well set in.

Pubic louse
Notice the crab-like shape of the pubic louse. The other two types of lice which infest humans are the head or hair lice and the body or clothes louse; both are longer and more slender than the pubic louse.

Body louse
Body lice (also called clothes lice) do not live on our bodies but on our clothes and under-garments. They come onto the body only to feed and then return to the garment. These lice can be spread without physical contact as they can be transmitted from person to another on clothes and garments.


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