The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks!

  Welcome to the Lice Program
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This program is offered freely to help you with your issues. We have been there too! We did a lot of work over the last 3 years to help people infested with lice. This program works! If you can afford it, please consider making a small donation (minimum 5.00 dollars) to help us meet our costs in keeping this resource available. Many thanks.

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Program Reminders

Where are you in the Program?


The important combing days are:-
VIP Days are: 0,5,12,16,21
Super Critical Days are: 0,16,21
If you miss any of the pink combing days you may not have failed yet as long as you hit the combing schedule for the VIP days, especially the Critical ones - marked with bold red rows.


The Head Louse is immune to insecticide shampoos. This young one was removed from the hair and drenched in undiluted anti-lice shampoo. He remained alive and treated the experience like a dip in a swimming pool!
Identify your stage
in the 21 day program
Click on the Day BELOW
Not started yet ->  Start Here
Entering the war->  Day 0 VIP
Removing the Layers->  Day 1
Getting the evaders->  Day 2
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 3
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 4
Final Sweep 1->  Day 5 VIP
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 6
Facing their 2nd attack->  Day 7
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 8
Getting the 2nd Wave->  Day 9
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 10
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 11
Final Sweep 2->  Day 12 VIP
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 13
Critical Action a->  Day 14
Critical Action b->  Day 15
Super-Critical Day->  Day 16 VIP
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 17
Re-arming (Rest)->  Day 18
Belt & Braces day 1->  Day 19
Belt & Braces day 2->  Day 20
Last Chance Day->  Day 21 VIP
Program Over->  click me!
The 21 days of your program above enable you to see and check each day and what you need to do for a short time that day. Any marked in GREY mean you don't need to take any action at all that day, so you and your family can have a normal evening. Be careful your GREY days of rest do not cause laziness or complancy: the battle will not be won unless you follow the Program Exactly!
The main reason why so many people and children are infested with head lice is that we are living busy lives. During the three week program, you only need to give attention to this issue as dictated by the program to be lice-free.

You've at war with creatures that invaded you. They're now using you and your loved ones to feed on and to breed on.

These creatures are designed to be very difficult to get rid of due to their life cycle & egg-reproduction process. They are a very successful life-form!

You are designed to use intelligence and know-how to defeat your adverseries. This gives you the edge. And NOW you have made the commitment to win this war - YOU WILL!

Follow the Program WITH COMMITMENT for 21 days taking action on the PINK and RED days... and forget about lice thereafter!

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