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Wim van Egmond Fred Hess (c) 1998 Vanessa Summers Vanessa Summers
Mol Smith Mol Smith Larry Legg
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Larry Legg Larry Legg
Vanessa Summers
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Mol Smith Vanessa Summers Vanessa Summers Vanessa Summers
Vanessa Summers Mol Smith Mol Smith Mol Smith
Larry Legg Larry Legg

"This multimedia story is based on true events that took place in Holland in May 1998. Artistic licence has been used by Vanessa Summers to enhance it!" Copyright: Vanessa Summers / Microscopy-UK1998 
Videos & Animated Gifs of plankton  (c) Fred Hess 1998 
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Vanessa Summers
"One day - all people will be able to express themselves without fear. We are all lost in a universe too big and with minds too small to make sense of it all. We try, but at the end of the day we only have each other to scare the shadows further away from the fire we all huddle around. Only the brave or the foolish would stray too far from the light of humanity!"  Vanessa.
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