We just got back from Holland... well a few weeks ago really. Mol (that's the guy with the beer bottle in his hand) came 'round tonight to talk Larry and me into writing up our adventure there. Larry wasn't so happy about doing this because he had a real fright while we were there with Mol and our friends from two microscopy clubs." 
"Huh... that silken-spoken Mol has spent all night drinking me beer and getting me pie-eyed so he could get me to agree to  writing up this article. Well, it's done now... cos yer reading it right now. Don't think this was easy for Van and me: this adventure is different in a big way. First of all it's a story about courage, but it's also about death, hope, and life. This is our EPIC!" 
"I was the one who asked Larry and Vanessa to describe their (or should I say 'our') adventure in Holland. It seems right then, especially as I was there with them, for me to contribute some work towards this project too. Van-Dam is a tale of epic proportions which, hopefully, will not only introduce you to the fantastic microscopic life in the sea - but show you how the Dutch people have pioneered something truly remarkable. Not least, you get to experience our holiday in Renesse, which is also described more formally on the pages of Micscape, Wim van Egmond's contribution from the NvvM, and the pages of the Queket Club  

I think Vanessa and Larry have been very courageous in doing this article for us all. It certainly contains much personal content which, when shared this way - openly and honestly - helps us to see more clearly, the association between ourselves as people, and the almost invisible world around us. Such honesty can be offensive to those who would deny truth or would wish to blunt its incisive edge with restrictive censorship. Me..? I simply believe they have created here, one of the most powerful pieces of informative work you are ever likely to witness on the Web! Vanessa has also used this article to break some stunning news to you. When I heard it, I was pleased and very excited for what it will mean for the future of their work. So without further delays... here is Vanessa to set the scene."  

"Me, with a make-over: 
a present from Larry & Mol!" 
"I was pretty pleased to find out that several  
other girls would be coming with Mol, Larry, and  me to Renesse. Anne, Lizzie, and Kit are great  fun to be with, and Lizzie is a terrific artist.  That's her in the image on the right. She's left   of Kit. We all met up with John Wells, another  of Mol's close friends, at  London City Airport... 
 ... now you can come with us too..."
(Lizzie)          ( Kit)
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