Page 2 - The Storm Surge Barrier

"The ocean is a mighty beast threatening to consume the Netherlands suddenly and drown her people and her children!"  

"We went to see the incredible storm barrier erected in the Delta region !"

"Its only when you realise that most of Holland is several metres below sea level, you begin to understand the importance of water management systems and water engineering expertise. We all went to the Delta Expo which celebrates an incredible engineering project to hold back the sea and prevent further loss of life through flooding."
"The really amazing thing about this barrier is the fact that the Dutch people insisted it be built in such a way so as to preserve the ecology and life around and in the coastal inlets. The barrier was designed to fulfil their wishes, working in a way that protects not only the Dutch people, but the sea life as well."
"It was an astonishing feat, requiring the finest minds to work on new ideas and novel engineering concepts. The expo showed us everything about how it was constructed. We had a bit of fun in the Waterworld there too. This was a a place where an arrangement of light and water-effects formed a strange and exotic environment for you to walk through. Great fun for kids and adults alike. I loved it!"
"All this is very important and relates to us amateur microscopists because without care and concern, humankind so often seeks to control its environment at the expense of other living forms. The Dutch water management systems set a shining example of how to influence our environment for the benefit of all life... including the micro-organisms inhabiting the sea."
"We returned to the hotel and gathered together for dinner. Everybody was buzzing with conversation - excited by the knowledge that the very next morning, we were off to Delft, home of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (probably the world's greatest amateur microscopist that ever lived!)"
"Larry and I didn't go to the bar that night with the others. Instead we went to our room and chatted together for hours about the future. We had been having a difficult time together, because of me really, these last few months.  Anyway, I was just telling Larry about this uneasy feeling I'd been getting recently... like something 'threatening' was lurking in my immediate future, when I noticed he had fallen asleep. I didn't wish to wake him so I decided to tell him later." 
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