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These Emails were written by Mol Smith to friends and associates during the week October 15th 1999 to October 22nd 1999.They form a 'field-record' of events which took place near Chelsham, on the Surrey, Kent, borders - England. Not all were received. I have indicated those emails written, and found on the recovered lap-top, which Mol was unable to send due to exhausted power supplies. Where he mentions digital 'stills' or 'video', I have linked to these from the email accounts! 
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Day 3
October 17th 1999
Day 3 -  Sunday  - October 17th  1999 
To friends.  


Day 3 - Sunday 17th October 1999 

Thanks to the few of you who wrote back. To be honest, it makes a difference 
to feel in contact with you when I sign on late at night - especially after a day 
like today. 

We had a bit of an incident here last night - just shortly after I sent you my email  
and turned into the sleeping bag. It is difficult to recount the exact circumstances 
- you know how it is when you are just about to fall asleep: the mind is half blurred 
and only vaguely aware! 

What happened is that there was a lot of rustling around inside the tent from  
Larry and Van's spot. It's pitch black in here once our camping light is off so  
I assumed whatever was going on was not really my business and tried  
harder to sound asleep. 

When I heard soft, muted, female sighs - the type that seemed as though  
someone was deliberately trying to subdue pleasure noises, I was really  
certain it was none of my business and I felt slightly embarrassed. 

I wouldn't bother mentioning this normally if it wasn't for some of the things  
that happened subsequently. 

Anyway - back to last night. The sighing turned to a kind of groaning and 
whimpering, but more than this - the sound shifted inside the tent. It could  
only have been Van of course, so when I sensed her in the dark and her  
right up close to me, and heard her breathing in an irregular way, I really  
was quite worried about what she was up to! 

I could sense her in the darkness very close to me and I'm certain a few  
strands of hair brushed across my face. In the back of my mind - I wondered 
what the hell what to expect next. Ever been put in a spot like that? 

Did I mention to you about my camera? When you take a still shot, it makes  
a synthesized click. The exact intensity and sound is adjustable and can in  
fact be turned off. I know its sound quite well. I mention this because I heard 
it then, in the dark, very distinctively! 

Everything went quiet afterwards.  

Nothing else happened and I fell asleep. 

This morning, Larry was very moody - especially towards me. I had completely 
forgotten about the incident in the night until Larry said to me over breakfast: 
"Mol, can we take a look at your digital photos so far?" 

I felt apprehensive about playing back the shots one-by-one on the built-in 
screen. I got to the point where I had completed my set of snaps and  
announced - "that's it", as cheerfully as I could make myself sound - but  
I noticed from the on-screen info that a single additional image was stored 
on the chip... and not yet played back! 

Alas... Larry noticed it too :( 

"There's one more." he said. 

So I flicked the switch. Pop! Up came this infrared image of Vanessa, squirming   
around, naked, on the ground sheet of the tent. Even though her face didn't 
show up in the image, it was of course - her.. unless Larry or I had changed  
anatomically during the night! 

Well you can imagine how breakfast was suddenly spoilt by the accusations 
which ensued. Larry accused me of being a sneak. Vanessa accused both  
Larry and me of taking unfair shots of her while she was asleep. Who the  
hell could I accuse?! I swear to you though - I did not take that shot! 

I offered to delete the image but Larry - more by the way of additional  
accusation - told me to keep it. Vanessa said she didn't care. I kept it...  
more because of the mystery surrounding the incident than anything else. 

After an hour or so - the bad feelings dispelled a bit. Larry announced that  
Van wanted to go and check out the odd grave at the church. I felt down so  
told them to go on alone and I'd catch them up later! They did try and coax  
me into going but I said I wanted to wash etc., and the privacy would give  
me a chance. 

Larry asked if he could borrow the camera. How could I refuse? So off  
they went. 

There's a stream not far from the tent, so I went and washed up. Flipping 
cold experience that was! 

When I got back, I went through some of the books Vanessa had brought  
along - all about Witchcraft... specifically ones with a lot of information about
the witch trials in Essex in  1645 and the renowned Matthew Hopkins! 
According to the researcher, the  Witchfinder General had travelled 
from Essex after the famous trials there to this area in answer to 
requests for help in halting a series of dramatic incidents. 

One of the books suggests that his visit here to Chelsham preceded  
incidents so serious and traumatic that the 'activity', his visit, the events 
which took place during his proceedings here, were all struck from records  
at the time. According to the author, there was a genuine fear that if news  
of the incidents spread further it would cause unprecedented panic to an  
already 'spooked' and distressed populace throughout South West England. 

As its getting late here now and quite atmospheric - ( a night mist has 
descended into the forest ) - I think I will write you more about this 
during the daytime tomorrow when I feel in a more optimistic mood. 

I eventually set off after Larry and Van and caught up with them at 
the church. Van was inside - apparently as it was Sunday, the church 
still held service. She had met up with the local vicar as he was leaving. 

He had taken a shine to her too, and he was showing her through  
some church records. I left them to it and went out to meet Larry.  
He said they had taken a few shots around the grave (the one outside 
the cemetery) but he seemed a bit sheepish about the details. 

I didn't ask to see them - the images - (I thought more talk about  
camera and images would only bring up the earlier tension, which  
thankfully - had now dispelled). We came back early. No beer tonight  
and we are all inside the tent as I write. It is 10.30 pm here, and we  
are in good mood. Larry has stopped mentioning that he infrequently  
spots odd lights to the far edge of the woods (did I tell you about this  
before?) but Vanessa is still periodically complaining of pressure in  
her ears. We don't have any cotton buds but possibly she has wax 
pressing on her ear drums - I have had this a few times. 

I'd better close. Before we turn in for the night, Larry and Van want  
to discuss a set of plans for tomorrow. They seem quite serious about  
something they heard today (and it actually is related to Microscopy)  
so I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say. 

All for now. Please, please, keep sending me your emails. I miss my routine! 

kind regards, 

(excuse typos) 
ps. Steve, I've just received your email as I was about to sign off. A good point!  
I have attached and sent you the image which I swear to you I didn't take...  
just in case it goes missing in the night. Thanks for the offer to keep it safe. (mol) 

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