'Emails' from Mol's laptop - remote working
These Emails were written by Mol Smith to friends and associates during the week October 15th 1999 to October 22nd 1999.They form a 'field-record' of events which took place near Chelsham, on the Surrey, Kent, borders - England. Not all were received. I have indicated those emails written, and found on the recovered lap-top, which Mol was unable to send due to exhausted power supplies. Where he mentions digital 'stills' or 'video', I have linked to these from the email accounts! 
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Day 5 (sent)
October 19th 1999
Day 5 -  Tuesday  - October 19th  1999 - 8.30 pm 
To friends.  

This is my final message. 

The lap top has much life remaining...  but not so -  the phone... 
nor, I believe - myself. 

I hope to continue my further account here alone - that it will be recorded. 

I fear Larry is dead. He has not returned. I am at the depths of despair. 
Vanessa's behaviour has changed - it is as if she is possessed... frozen in 
another time and place. 

I am glad in a sense that I am unable to receive your emails... I remain 
with the ignorance that I need not confront the truth of which of you are  
allies true - and which of you are only there when I sing with optimism. 

I wonder this lonely night if you could travel through air and mind - which 
of you would come.. let alone answer my final email. 

I wonder how my faithful PC servant at home has coped with your incoming 
replies which I may never see... and how many of you have turned your  
back on me - less you be embraced by something outside of your own time 
and place - and that its incomprehension and threat to you, would  
outweigh your love and support of me... or the things I have done for 
each of us. 

I have seen so very much this day and the one before. I have witnessed  
years past... and their events. I have watched, like a cold observer, 
through records and notes inside this tent, the birth of child - long ago... 
 its nourishment, and those that came to feed and nurture it. 

I have come to understand how a child can grow and turn upon its  
mother and fornicate with her  - betrayal most foul... 
that a child should want to live so  - that it would treat its mother-flesh and 
the life that nourished it... as if it were nothing but the means to 
its own repulsive regeneration. 

There was a witch here long ago. Who knows for certain what  
events led to her path and way... and what lay within her mind  
as she lusted for child  - yet trusted no man to father one. 

To be certain - and I have no doubt now - something spewed forth 
from her womb.. and in time... something more from its loins 
and its indecent joining and desires. 

There is a beast among us. I see it first... thus I see it last! 

Vanessa is beside me - a woman lost to the cravings and indulgence 
of the beast... a human caught in chaos and beyond your help or mine. 

I too  am lost! 

Much has happened here since my last message. I have stored all with 
my frantic tap, tap, tap, but it is too much to send. I fear my mobile  
phone has the heart and strength for one last pulse into the night 
and out beyond this place which confines me. I must not waste its last breath 
with accounts... but with messages of warning so that you - my dear  
friends - ( or not )... may have chance to run and hide. 

There is a demon lose. A child of beast and woman. 

It comes. 

I cannot hold it back - I am but flesh and blood. Beware that - with my  
final email this night - it does not follow! 

I am in a cold place. It is - I think - my last place. 

There is a noise outside the tent... a rushing of wind... I must go! 


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