Microscopy For Younger People  (and beginners?)
by Mol Smith

What to explore with a Microscope

Microscopic Study of Crystals


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Crystals of organic substances make interesting microscopic specimens to be viewed under polarized light. Unfortunately, an entry level budget microscope will not likely be fitted with a polarizer. It is possible though to make your own cheap polarizer. This is how one of our authors explains how to do it.

Although, it is unlikely very young people will want to do a lot of study of crystals, they do make beautiful colourful patterns which in the short term will excite them.

Polarization is a difficult concept to grasp well even for adults. One way to see it is that light waves can be caused to either undulate up or down or side to side using polarizing sunglasses. Normal coherent light is not itself polarized. It can be thought as undulating in every degree all at once.


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Microscopy here.

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Aspirin crystals under polarised light







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