Microscopy For Younger People  (and beginners?)
by Mol Smith

What to explore with a Microscope

Microscopic Projects for Young People and Beginners


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We all have to start somewhere. As someone who has been involved with is Microscopy for Hobbyists for over 20 years, I find the beginner years are better because we tend to be more active in projects. With no disrespect, many seasoned Hobbyists tend to settle down to a more observational role. This is a shame. With the unique and new technology at our disposal, the world has opened up for Microscopy Hobbyist Starters. We can now put micro cameras into bee hives, build drones, underwater radio controlled miniatures submarines. Maybe we can now take a microscope to the small scale world instead of bring the critters there into our macro one to observe them.

Anyway, here are some projects to get you started...



Project:  My First Look At A Real
Living Cell Nucleus!



Project: Taking A Cell Sample
From Myself
  These videos are abridged from a set of 5 videos made by Pippa before succumbing to long term illness. She is sadly having long term health issues,
but the
full length videos are here.



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