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Download the INTEL AVI DRIVERS from the Intel site and use them to watch our stunning AVI movies. Click on the panel above to visit the INTEL page You need the 3.2 or 5.11 drivers! Note: Our AVI files created prior to March 1998 will work fine with the 3.2 driver but some AVIs created after March 1998 require the more efficient 5.11 driver or later version.



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Animated images or 'movies' can be played back on a PC using several formats: AVI's, MPEGS, QUICKTIME, to name a few.

We have selected the AVI format and use the INTEL INDEO DRIVERS to get the best compromise between quality and file-size. Some AVIS also use CINEPAK CODEC which is supplied free with Video for Windows and Mac's Quicktime.

You may already have these drivers installed on your PC. The latest INDEO drivers are distributed by Ligos. If you don't have them, you can download one suitable for your PC/Mac from here. 

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