... and a time to look for Micro-flowers!
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Text by Vanessa Summers 1999
Images by Vanessa Summers. Web elements from Images Onview
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When I got to the common (park), the first thing that struck me was - no flowers! 

Sure, there were a few trees with lots of blossom, but quite frankly - most of the place was full of nettles, grass, and weeds! Well I guess it is a 'rambling' and 'wild' common but I had never realised just how much we humans must cultivate flowers... because in the wild - they do not appear to  get much chance of survival against the hardier plants. 

I was disappointed. I had been going through some rough times and it seemed that nature (God?) had let me down! I sat down on the grass and,  I must confess, I had a little cry. It seemed like this was just one more downer in a series of bad incidents for me lately. 

Did you ever sit there and do that? I guess if you did - you would also have been thru that mind thing when you suddenly focus on everything... when all your inside things and introspections merge with what you see, think, smell, and hear. It's like your mind sits back and takes a global snaphot of everything! 

That happened to me right then... as I watched one of my silly tears fall to the grass, in slow motion... taking my gloom and doom with it!  As it fell to rest, it suddenly changed color?? A tiny glow of yellow sparkled from an infinite carpet of green grass and leaves! 

Now, you have to appreciate the state I was in. When your mind gets mixed up, you can start to believe in anything... including fairies. For a tiny moment there, I thought a mystical thing had happened: you know: like a 'sign' or something! 

But on closer inspection, and with my curiosity taking hold, I find out that something else.. something beautiful... was going on here. My tear had fallen onto a tiny flower, so small - I would probably have missed it. It was acting like a water magnifier - a liquid lens  - which several of my friends involved with Micscape and Lightscape Magazines at Mic-UK had already spoken about. 

My single tear of despair had alighted on a Micro-flower... beautiful blooms so small - that we never notice them! 

I got up and re-walked the common, but now my mind  and eye was noticing what I had missed all along. Where the world had been green and very drab but a few moments before, it was now now filled with color. I picked many samples of micro-flowers and brought them back home to take some digital photos of them. 

Would you like to share what I found with me? 


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