Hair lice, body lice, pubic lice, lice videos, resistant lice: they are all here!

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The Lice Program A complete 21 day progran to get rid of Head lice. It's a free and comprehensive plan of action with a day-by-day set of instructions designed to rid you and your family of head lice without expense and without using ineffective insecticide shampoos. Also contain details regarding Pubic Lice and Body Lice.
The Louse Practical non-techie intro' into hair, body, and pubic lice.
The Crabs Pubic lice intro' by Wim van Egmond.
Lice-Mare Hair lice (head lice) resistant to insecticide shampoos. An entertaining and educational account of two people's experience and their discovery of resistant lice.
Lice Wars Follow-up to Lice-Mare (above). In-depth entertaining but educational multi-media experience about head lice, body lice, and dustmites. How to tell the difference between the 3 types of human lice! Includes several videos.
Wood Lice A brief intro' into wood lice and the water louse by Mike Morgan.


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