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Issue 30: April 1998
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Image of Amoeba by phase contrast Steve Durr

Articles this Month

Photographing micro-organisms - from the simple patch stop to Nomarski contrast The mosquito Aedes aegypti and Dengue fever - a first hand account from a Brazilian amateur microscopist
The Institute for the promotion of the less than one millimetre - a look at aquatic micro-organisms in 3D! 'Ants in yer pants' - a look at a fascinating insect with Larry and Vanessa
The desmids of Thursley Common, UK - desmids are attractive algae A protozoan undergoes binary fission - with some unusual help!
A letter from 'The Times' newspaper 1895 - they don't publish letters on microscopical life anymore! Image of the month
- bee image gallery
Oblique illumination - or why having the mirror or condenser out of alignment sometimes helps! This could be yours! We are delighted to receive contributions small or large, from novice to expert! If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us, to see how we can help share your work.


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Micscape is a non profit-making Magazine for those who wish to look a little closer at the miniature world around us both on a microscopic and macroscopic scale. Contributions from anybody interested in promoting microscopy or the world in close-up to amateurs, novices and students are welcomed.
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