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Issue 42: April 1999. Next update May 13th.


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Image right: crystals of sodium sulphite-hydroquinone
under cross polarised light James Evarts.
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Nanobes - are these the smallest living organisms yet found? A Micscape special feature on research that hit the news headlines. Presented by Maurice Smith, UK in collaboration with the University of Queensland scientists who reported the nanobes. Making a study of bat droppings - a fascinating area of study described by Brian Darnton, UK with illustrations from Jan Parmentier and Wim van Egmond, Holland.
Ouch!! A closer look at mosquito mouthparts - an illustrated look at the fascinating features of a mosquito, that make it such a feared insect. By Roland Mortimer, Brazil. Things that don't belong where they are - jellyfish, 'shrimps' and sponges only occur in the sea - or do they? A look at the freshwater relatives of the more widely known marine organisms. Plus 'things' that really shouldn't be there! By Richard Howey, US.
Introduction to the optical microscope - a useful overview of the parts of a compound microscope described with the aid of an assembled and disassembled microscope. By Ron Neumeyer, Canada. Oblique and axial illumination - can be used to study opaque subjects under the microscope. The relative merits of these techniques are described and illustrated by John Wojtowicz, US.
Notes on adapting microscopes for phase contrast - dedicated phase contrast microscopes or the phase accessories can be expensive. But with a bit of ingenuity an excellent system can be made. Edward Cowen, UK describes how. Image gallery: the desmid Micrasterias truncata - an image from Gian Martello, Italy with additional notes from Bill Ells, UK. An example of how the Microscopy UK website can bring enthusiasts together with similar interests.
Some of the types of nannofossils and microfossils that occur in the Dorset mesozoic sediments - part three of a series looking at the use of lacquer peels to study minute fossils in rocks. By Keith Abineri, UK. Photomicrography on a shoestring budget - photography down the microscope can be undertaken with very simple equipment, even without a camera. Maurice Smith, UK describes his earliest forays into the technique by projecting images onto photographic paper.
Enjoying Spring in close-up - The plants and flowers we often take for granted take on a whole new perspective if they are studied more closely. David Walker, UK takes a closer look at some common Spring flowers in Northern England. We are delighted to receive contributions small or large, from novice to expert. If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us, to see how we can help share your work.

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