Some of my microscopes

by Mike Samworth

Last month I showed you my messy bench where I carry out my microscopy, make slides etc. This month I thought folk might like to see some of my instruments in more detail.

Three microscopes

This shows three of my microscopes. In the centre is my Zeiss Universal, probably dating from the 1960's. On the right of this is a Baker Series IV BQ, a fine example of a quality British instrument. On the left is a Beck London 47, fully resplendent in black and chrome.

The photograph shows quite dramatically the difference in size between the three models. Both the Zeiss and the Baker were designed as 'research' standard instruments with a great deal of accessories available. The handbook I have for the Universal runs to some forty-odd pages of text. Even more interesting is the Baker literature I have on their various instruments, including a 1959 price list. It is an intriguing issue to question how many of us would now spend the equivalent money on an instrument now. I am not sure what the average wage was in that day but I am pretty sure that two hundred pounds for the set-up I have would be a sizeable sum!

I am sure I could go on for ages about each of these instruments but that would make for pretty tedious reading. Instead, if anyone wishes to know anything specific about any one instrument, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Click here to read a detailed review of the Baker Series IV BQ microscope by Mike Samworth.

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