Snippet corner; where it all happens

by Mike Samworth

Many microscopists have a room where they have their microscopes and do their microscopy. I am lucky in having quite a large room half-devoted to my hobby.

Snippet corner from a slide by Mike Samworth

As you can see, this is hardly a scene of neatness! As pictured here, my main microscope, a Zeiss Universal, is set up for video. The video camera, borrowed from work, is held above the photo-tube rather Heath-Robinson style by a laboratory retort stand. The signal is being fed to a Phillips computer monitor. On the subject of this latter, the very common Phillips 833/II model is now regarded as being a poor relation in terms of computers (dot size, scan rate etc) and so is often available cheaply secondhand. Since it has a phono plug input that can relay a video signal, and it is of slightly higher quality than a TV, it is a good unit for video use. I wish I hadn't let a friend have mine!

None of my other microscopes are visible on the bench in this picture. In addition to the Zeiss I have a Baker series IV BG, a Beck London 47 and a Baker Patholette. My stereo is the ubiquitous Russian MBS-10.

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