The rotifer Brachionus rubens -

derived image from video capture

by Patrick Everest


This image of the rotifer Brachionus rubens Ehrenberg was recorded using a JVC TK-1280E video camera head from a living specimen found in a horse trough. The image was captured on computer using Matrox Mystique RainbowRunner hardware and subsequently enhanced using Ulead PhotoExpress software.


'Of Horse Troughs and Fizzy Drinks' by Patrick Everest, Balsam Post, 1997, 36, p16.

Editors' notes: the above reference discusses this rotifer's occurrence as a commensal attached to Daphnia, and also experiments with carbonated water to narcotise rotifers.

'Balsam Post' is the quarterly newsletter of the Postal Microscopical Society (UK).

Also see the Micscape article 'The Rotifer Jaw' by Mike Morgan which illustrates the jaws of a rotifer of the genus Brachionus.

Image Patrick Everest.



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