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This article teaches about the social problems with head-lice, or at least one aspect of it... the creatures themselves... and offers both help and some startling facts about coping with and eradicating infestations.

It is based on a true incident to myself and my partner. Presentation of the facts alone would produce a clinical article without showing the real effect an infestation causes on intimate social relationships, I have therefore reconstructed the real-life event in an unusual way to capture the difficulties caused by being invaded by this parasite... and to show that lice do not make choices about living on clean or unclean people: anyone can get them no matter how much time is spent on hygiene and health. I have used artistic licence to entertain, whilst hopefully teaching, and to bring you into full contact with the incident and the emotions it provoked.

I do not believe science or microscopy should be clinically isolated from cause and effect to our social standing. In mixing drama, which is - after all, part of our daily lives - with the study of things  affecting us from the micro world, I have used imagery which may prove unsuitable for very young people not yet conversant with adult life. There is nothing here in this article which is pornographic or unduly violent, and the ratings with RSAC indicate most pages to be fairly acceptable to most audiences, but there are images and content here best understood by mature minds. I  therefore suggest this article is best seen by adults, or by non-adults with parental consent and accompaniment. If it were a film, I would mark is as PG. I have created these pages in good faith to entertain and to educate about a growing problem which affects many lives... and to demonstrate you don't always have to keep such things quiet for fear of human ignorance and prejudice.
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                                                                                    Larry Legg

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