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Introduction. It is self-evident that all of us, readers and friends of Micscape, are users and friends of the microscope. Many of us are interested also in knowing its history, from its beginnings to the modern times. We like to appreciate an old or obsolete microscope, to be able to tell its approximate age, to know whether it is a rare instrument or one that was manufactured by the thousands, whether it represents a turning point in the evolution of the instrument or its is representative of a design that was copied by many makers form different countries or even different continents. For us, the more we know about that old or obsolete instrument, the more we can enjoy it. For us there is an active, open doors Society.

The MHS is an international group of persons with a common interest in the history of the microscope as a scientific instrument, an object of beauty, and a collectable. We welcome to the MHS persons from any country, who are interested in the microscope or its applications, past and present.

Society goals include: *Exchanging information on the history of the microscope from its origins to the present, dating, restoration and collecting
*Providing the members with information and assistance on a variety of subjects related to historical microscopy
*Facilitating communication among members
*Furthering the interest in historical microscopy in general, and on the need to save and preserve old or obsolete instruments as evidence of the evolution of science.

Benefits. The Society publishes The Journal of The Microscope

Historical Society (ISSN 1545-2077), an International Journal dedicated to the historical development and application of the light microscope, now in its 13th year of continuous publication. Members receive three issues of the JMHS (approximately 100 - 120 pages) each calendar year and a membership roster.† Many members offer advice and help in specialized aspects of microscopy.† Members are encouraged to submit notes and articles for publication and request information on instruments or microscopy-related items. Examples of recently published articles are given below.


Membership: To join or renew membership in the MHS, please contact:

Dianne Kile, Treasurer
The Microscope Historical Society
5176 Black Bear Run
Littleton, CO† 80125

Annual Dues:† USA & Canada: $20.00/year, other countries $25.00/year or $45/2 years.
Funds must be in US dollars.† Payment through PayPal is possible for foreign subscribers.†



The Journal of The Microscope Historical Society


Contents Issues 13.1 to 13.3 (2005-2006, partial listing)


Snowflakes to Silver Grains. James Averill (USA)

Syphilis and the Microscope: A Centenary. Manuel del Cerro (USA)

Wilhelm Kline, a German Microscope Maker Active in the First Half of the 20th Century.

Manuel del Cerro and Timo Mappes (USA and Germany)

Darkfield Microscopy: An Overview of Ancillary Apparatus. Daniel Kile (USA)

Prism Rotators. Daniel Kile (USA)

The First Commercial Comparison Microscope, Made After Wilhelm Thˆrner by W. & H.Seibert, Wetzlar. Timo Mappes (Germany)

Light Sources for Microscopy: A Historic Overview. Fritz Schulze (Canada)

Leeuwenhoek Again. Fritz Schulze (Canada)


Editorial Board

Daniel Kile, Editor

Dianne Kile, Treasurer, Associate Editor

5176 Black Bear Run

Littleton, Colorado 80125

(303) 948-2810


Manuel del Cerro, Editor Emeritus and Founder, Microscope Historical Society

Fritz Schulze, Associate Editor and Founder, Historical Microscopical Society of Canada

CONTACT AND DISCLAIMER . Manuel del Cerro can be contacted at this email address.
Questions and comments about The Society in particular, and historical microscopy in general are most welcome. The author has no financial interest of any nature in the Microscope Historical Society or in its Journal.


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