Spring Pond Dip
A snapshot of life in a back garden pond in northern England.

  by David Walker, UK.

A stark looking pond in early spring but plenty of interest below the surface.



Comments to the author David Walker are welcomed.


1. 'Collins Field Guide to Freshwater Life' by R. Fitter and R. Manuel, 1986.
Now sadly out of print, this book had simple ID guides with thumbnail drawings for members of major groups of microscopic fauna and flora as well as macroscopic, so often possible to identify close to the correct group. If spotted used for about 20 rather than the 100-200 sometimes seen, it's a good buy. Collins recently published a ' Pocket Guide - Freshwater Life' in 2007 but apparently now only covers organisms 'visible with the naked eye'.

2. 'The freshwater algal flora of the British Isles. An identification guide to freshwater and terrestial algae.' Edited by D. M. John, B. A. Whitton and A. J. Brook. Cambridge University Press, 2002.

3. 'A beginner's guide to the collection, isolation, cultivation and identification of freshwater protozoa.' by B. J. Finlay, A. Rogerson and A. J. Cowling. Pub. NERC / FBA 1988.

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