Can you help identify these two microscopes?

Query by Bill Clarke, Director Restigouche Regional Museum
Dalhousie, N.B.Canada.


Micscape received this interesting query from Bill Clarke,
and we share it with our readers in case someone can help.

Bill writes:

I'm back with another question about unusual microscopes. Both of these are obviously intended for use with reflected light, since neither have mirrors nor substage light source. The first one (shown below) is made from cast metal with a sheet metal tube. The only mark is "made in Germany". Since the stage has no hole, but merely a cross mark to identify the center of the field of view, it's certainly a reflected light instrument. There's also a small socket that holds a flashlight size bulb. It's about eight inches high , 10" when the tube is fully extended.

The second microscope (shown right) is a brass and black thing and looks as if someone had taken a conventional microscope and cut it off above the stave - except that this isn't what happened. There's no stage or any room for one. The only marks are on the objectives and ocular. The opbjectives are a B&L and a Spencer American Optical, so that's not much help. The ocular has the power, but no maker's name.

This microscope came in a box that is just the right height (about 9 inches) but far too wide. Inside, taking up the resst of the space, was another wooden box containing a nosepiece with four objectives. It doesn't fit the instrument. There were also some other oculars and a couple of sieves. These are brass affairs which fit into each other. I've seen similar ones before, but they were much larger. Written on the box is "metallurgical and molecular department," which leads me to believe that it came out of a university.

There we are. Two more unusual instruments about which I'd love to have more information. I want to thank Micscape readers for the assistance we received with another instrument that had us stumped.

Comments to Bill Clarke welcomed.

Bill Clarke, Director Restigouche Regional Museum Dalhousie, N.B. Canada.

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