Footnote on internal construction.

The base plate on which the binoculars sit shown upside down.
Two trapezoidal prisms in grooved mount direct the L-R images from the CMO to each port of the binoculars.

Base of unit showing the common main objective (CMO). This lens had no securing mount and was just lightly glued to the base so had to be reset in this example. The base plate is lightly glued into this unit. Two blunt pegs inserted in holes seen far left and right push the plate out.

Because the Bresser optical construction was simple, I did try to improve the collimation after marking original prism positions by trying lateral and angled displacement of prisms, but didn't really discover the source of the slight misalignment so reset to factory condition, perhaps inherent in the design; comments welcomed. (Such dismantling does of course invalidate the guarantee and would be better to return it if unhappy with the unit, but I'm a curious soul!)


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