SEM Gallery from Peking University.
Images by Feng Li (Peking University) China
Page design & 3D by Mol Smith, UK


An email came in from China which delighted us as it offered us an opportunity to publish several wonderful SEM images. These were created by Feng Li of Peking Universiy, China. He tells us: "Most of pictures are carnivorous plant which is my favorite plant. The scanning electron microscope SEM is the primary method´╝îI did it in Peking University. The name of picture is the object of plant".

Here they are then, except I converted them into 3D flip images to enhance their beauty.

If you want to look at these using VR phone glasses like Google Cardboard, or wish to understand more about VR for smart phones,
read my article here.

Above: Cucumber Tendril

Above: Open Stoma 

Above:  Pumpkin Tendril

Above:  Young Pitcher

Many thanks to Feng Li for sharing these wonderful pictures with others around the world.

Feng Li can be contacted at:
(Please cut and past into your email to send him a message.)

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