Micscape Image of the Month - August 1998

SEM image showing the surface detail of a very remarkable leaf!

by Sergei Vickulin, St. Petersburg, Russia


Sergei Vickulin 1998

This 'Image of the Month' is quite remarkable, and was generously submitted by Sergei Vickulin, St. Petersburg, Russia. It is an SEM image of a leaf surface .... a fairly fresh leaf perhaps to retain such crisp detail .... but not quite as it's 41 million years old!

Sergei writes:

'Here is an SEM image of the fossil cuticle from Russia (my personal materials) which may be placed as an 'Image of the Month'. SEM shot showing leaf surface sculpturing in fossil of 41 myr old (Paleogene, Middle Russian Upland), myrtaceous mummified leaf compression. Adaxial surface with raised stomatal rims is peculiar mainly to subtropical and tropical species. Average stomatal dimensions: length 30 mm, width 25 mm.

Regards, Sergei '

E-mail Address: vickulin@SV2351.spb.edu

Many thanks Sergei for sharing this wonderful image, it's staggering that such wonderful detail is preserved!


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