by Brian Darnton & Wim van Egmond


Scales of Deutzia scabra


The glories of star shaped objects are not only confined to the exponents of the telescope in outer space. There are numerous objects that can rival them in the inner space of our microscopic world. Amongst the wealth of slides that survive from the Victorian era, stellate objects are perhaps some of the most wondrous. Their appeal is enhanced by the use of a dark background, imparted by the polariscope, or by a dark ground stop in the filter tray, or by the use of a spot lens directed from above.



Deutzia scabra is a common enough shrub in Northern Europe with delightful white flowers in the summer. Star shaped scales protect both the upper and the lower epidermis of the leaves. These can be scraped off, desiccated and mounted in balsam, but by far the best mounts are created by stripping off the leaf epidermis, clearing it and mounting in Canada balsam. In crossed polars these objects are truly bright and splendid.

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