A Microscopy taster session....

A unique opportunity to see into the secret and fascinating world of Lepidoptera and other invertebrates
7th February 2014 – 9.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m
A joint venture between Butterfly Conservation and Cath Hodsman, renowned Cotswold based Wildlife and Natural History Artist.

(50% of proceeds go to Butterfly Conservation)

We all understand how important invertebrates, such as Lepidoptera are in reflecting a healthy ecosystem. We can easily admire their beauty, strength and diversity from afar, but for most of us it is difficult to really appreciate their anatomical wonder, because of their size. In addition, insects such as butterflies, can fly away, making studying them a frustrating business. This session is a unique opportunity to see the beauty of Lepidoptera at up to 40x magnification and beyond.

This absorbing and enjoyable half-day will give participants the chance to study different types of Lepidoptera, both indigenous and exotic, in a unique way…. Each participant will have the use of a dedicated microscope to study their anatomy. Imagine being able to see butterfly wing scales, body fur or proboscises, in all of their intricate glory.

Using Cath’s large collection of Lepidoptera and other invertebrate specimens, Cath and participants will discuss how butterflies and moths camouflage themselves, how they eat, how they insulate themselves and so on. The course will take place in Cath’s own home, where her studio is based. Come and see her wildlife garden…and resident badger sett too!

Places are booked up on first come, first served basis, so early booking is essential.
Each day costs £30.00 (incl VAT).

Coffee, tea and light refreshments are included in the price. To book a place on the course, please phone Cath, on 01453 884359 or email her on cathhodsman@talktalk.net
More details about this Microscopy taster session can also be found on Cath’s website
www.cathhodsmanwildlifeartist.com   or on her Blog http://cathhodsman-wildlifeartist.blogspot.co.uk/