Video Gallery: Time-lapse of crystals in the desmid Closterium

by Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France

Editor's note: Jean-Marie Cavanihac has sent in these two fascinating time-lapse animated gifs to share on Micscape. They show the motion of crystals in the tips of the desmid Closterium. His interest was raised by the remark on this feature of Closterium in Jan Parmentier's and Wim van Egmond's marvellous 'Desmid Gallery' last month.
An introduction to the desmids can be found in Bill Ells' article 'What are desmids?'.

Comments to Comments to the author sent via our contacts page quoting page url plus : ('jcavanihac','')">Jean-Marie Cavanihac are welcomed.

The two 350 kbyte gifs will take a few minutes to download before the animations begin.

clos3.gif (348349 bytes)
clos5.gif (349226 bytes)
Image details: 1 second lapsed time between frames, real
duration 6 seconds, x 40 objective. 

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