Feb. 13th 2004
An Anniversary!

100 Months of MICSCAPE Magazine


by Mol (Maurice) Smith.
Co-founder and Mic-UK Co-ordinator






8 years from now

120 years from now


Eight years and four months ago, two guys who have never met each other, along with a few other people who believed in a tiny idea, launched a few pages on the internet and named it a magazine called Micscape. I was one of those two guys, and Dave Walker (the indefatigable editor of Micscape Magazine) was the other one. Dave and I have never met. Most of the hundred plus people who have contributed since that first day have not met each other either. Micscape is not registered as a business or a charity. The people contributing to it are under no formal contract, to each other, us, or anyone else... neither am I or Dave!

When the first month's Micscape Magazine was published on the internet, less than a few hundred hits were received, which means no greater than a few tens of people came to read it! Today, some 149,000 people typically visit Microscopy-UK each month and the highest number of visits are to read Micscape Magazine.

It is important to remember that Micscape has come to life and endured through a period where the biggest corporate enterprises in the world have wrestled with this 'internet' technology; a time where dot.com 'get-rich-enterprises' have come and gone.

Today, February 13th, 2004, you and I, and every person from now into the following decades to follow this 100th anniversary of the launch of Micscape Magazine, have cause to celebrate: its now well established presence on the Web has helped raise an awareness that studying the microscopic world is a wonderful pursuit for young or old alike, whether on a fun or more serious level.

Micscape Magazine, the people who contribute to it, the people who come to read it: the curious and the truth-seekers looking for more than the contemporary distraction offered in mass-media-led channels of communication, along with the benevolent use of emerging technologies created this opportunity. And we seized it, embraced it, nurtured it, to deliver a stable home to bring everyone interested in 'the smaller' things together.

One easily forgets the thousands of hours, the isolated moments, sudden doubts in the belief that this magazine was achieving something good based on trust for people from a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds, people whose working lives often had nothing to do with using a microscope: builders, teachers, house-painters, labourers, car-repair mechanics, gardeners, house-wives, pensioners, students, artists, writers, IT specialists, salesmen; all of these and more have mingled with scientists, discoverers, and professional microscopists through the pages of Micscape Magazine!

And all of this achieved these last 8 years and 4 months without a single contract and without corporate intent.

Please let me indulge in stating the following: if one USA dollar had been collected per year for every visitor coming to read the pages of Micscape Magazine or the supportive material wrapped around it at Microscopy-UK, the 'kitty' would today stand at millions (yes, I said
millions of dollars), and yet I believe all of Micscape's wonderful achievements may never have happened if we had asked for this.

Our Magazine is supported by more than money. It is fueled and powered by common trust - possibly a 'dirty' word now in a 21st century ideology of 'spin' and perpetual euphemisms exploited by commerce and politics to convince their clients and supporters (us) that they have succeeded in delivering all which they truthfully fail to achieve in their original promise.

Micscape Magazine and the supportive material surrounding it has a singular goal, namely - to exceed the expectations and the doubts which exist in a cynical word, and to use the combined interest and support from like-minded people internationally for the idea that looking at our world, when we can free ourselves from the 'must-do' activity of our normal lives, is of value; not just now, but as a constant for all who might have the opportunity to travel this way in the future. There are many windows into our world. This is the one we have come to see for now. And this is what Micscape, and its founders are maintaining. A porthole into a our world and its future for all people from any walk of life to peer into and become involved on a new and worthwhile journey. I believe this notion is fully supported by you.

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 by Mol Smith