A microscopic survey of the ultimate arthropod machine

By Wim van Egmond

click the image to enlarge this Blowfly 

  Most people don't realise what they do when they smash a fly to pieces against the wall. They think it is an annoying little critter and they are right. But they often don't know what they destroy. The fly is a masterpiece of evolutionary design.

Next time when you see a fly hovering around your room try to catch it. With a good hand lens there are many features to explore. When observed with a microscope the true marvel of the 'ultimate machine' is seen.

The following pages will show you why the fly is such a special creature. Apart from a portrait of it's intriguing head you can see many interesting features in three dimensions. The images should be observed with red and blue anaglyph glasses.







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More 3D microscopy in The Institute for the Promotion of the Less than One Millimetre

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