The structure of Symbion pandora - feeding stage


This image has been reproduced by the permission of Nature magazine
(MacMillan Publishers) from Nature, 1995, vol 378, 712 (figure 1).

Scroll down to see the whole image and the key to the labels.

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ad - adhesive disc
an - anus
as - ascending branch of the digestive system
cc - compound cilia
ce - ciliated epidermis
co - constriction (or 'neck')
de - descending branch of the digestive system
ep - epidermis
ga - ganglion
gl - gut lining cell
ib - inner bud
mc - myoepithelial cell
mr - mouth ring
ne - nerve
p1 - penis 1
p2 - penis 2
sc - stomach cells
sp - sperm
s1 - sphincter 1
s2 - sphincter 2


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