Micscape Magazine Article WHY... MICROSCOPY? by Maurice Smith. (Page 1 of 3)

It could be a house plant sitting innocently in your front room, with a tiny flower which looks as though it were made of wax... or maybe one night you hear about a tiny life-form being discovered on another planet... or maybe its just an itch which hits you as you lie in bed - which doesn't go away?

But one thing is for certain: you get curious, you want to know more, and then you find out there's a whole new world - you never thought about before - waiting to be explored!

Microscopy (or 'scoping' as we call it ) is not what many people think it is. Amateur 'scoping' is a broad activity involving getting out and about, making things, experimenting, as well as looking at the fantastic world which exists just a few 'stops' down from our normal gaze.

ABOVE ALL, IT IS AN INTEREST WHICH NEVER CEASES TO SURPRISE ! Come with us... ...and take a look!  
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