Miscellaneous Gallery

A nondescript collection of oddments

By Paul James

No doubt most of us collect images which don't fit into any particular category for various reasons but were nevertheless caught on camera either in macro mode or over the microscope itself. Here are some of my oddments. (I've had to severely compress them in order to guarantee transmission as high winds recently this winter in the UK have been causing uploading/downloading problems for me.)

The puncture immune snail manages to negotiate the bramble trail !

A spilt milk drop manages to drop its

coronet tips almost perfectly around itself

Darkfield image of organic form resembling a light bulb !
Contrast enhanced COL image at around x 1200 of a lively critter resting

for just one moment. Its cilia were extremely difficult to capture.

Not a porthole in a ship's side but the close

view of an oil immersion objective in well

used condition!

The proverbial bee sting

Unkown aquatic protozoan in blue darkfield

Rose thorn beside stinging nettle leaf

All comments welcome by the author Paul James


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