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                                                   Peter B. Paisley

                                                 Sydney, Australia

                              Recent finds enhance our knowledge of Richard Suter,
                              the  prolific  Tottenham  mounter.    Fresh  data  partly
                              concern  his  mounts:  but  more,  they  expand
                              appreciation  of  the  man  and  his  interests,  in  the
                              contexts of his extended family, historical environment,
                              and local circumstances.  Evidence comes from several
                              sources.    Much  information  is  from  Helen  Reed  (a
                              descendent  of  Daisy  Suter,  Richard’s  sister)  and  her
                              family heirlooms and memorabilia.  Some comes from
                              recent sales in the USA and the UK, my own collection,
                              and those of others.

                              Suter and photography

                              It  has  long  been  known  that  Suter  acquired  much  of
                              Dancer’s material after the latter’s death, but little light
                              has been cast on this aspect of Suter’s activities.  Many
                              assume that Dancer’s negatives lay idle, implying that
                              Suter  acquired  little  micro-photographic  skill.    New
                              evidence however may suggest otherwise.
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