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The box may have been intended to hold each batch of

                              six  negatives  currently  awaiting  conversion  to  micro-
                              photograph  slides.    Micro-photograph  slides  with
                              Suter’s  handwritten  labels,  if  they  exist,  have  not
                              emerged at auction sales or internet sites like eBay, and
                              the example shown already seems unique, intended for
                              personal  and  family  entertainment.    In  1900  Suter
                              issued a Revised Catalogue of Microscopical Slides etc.,
                              offering  no  less  than  512  micro-photographs.    None
                              bearing  Suter’s  labels  seem  to  turn  up,  and  one
                              explanation  is  that  micro-photographs  were  indeed
                              made  by  Suter  from  Dancer  negatives,  and  sold  with
                              original  Dancer  labels.  Many  labels  survive  among
                              Richard’s effects owned by a family descendant, Helen
                              Reed.  Other family descendants may have more, or a
                              lot may have been thrown out down the years.  What is
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