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photographs were hardly in his catalogue for nothing!
                              The negatives were acquired by Suter in 1896, and his
                              revised catalogue appeared in 1900, the years between
                              presumably yielding the 512 micro-photographs.

                              “Uncle Dick”

                              Above  is  a  family  tree  compiled  by  Helen  Reed,  the
                              inheritor of the artefacts illustrated so far.  As can be

                              seen, Richard Suter junior (our preparer) was by far the
                              eldest of nine children.  The female siblings fared less
                              well  than  their  brothers,  since  two  (Jane  and  Sarah)
                              died  in  infancy.    Both  were  born  in  Shoreditch,  and
                              inner London was a hazardous place with high infant
                              mortality:  their  deaths  may  have  been  a  major  factor
                              influencing  the  family’s  move  to  then  semi-rural
                              Tottenham  (Daisy  was  born  in  Tottenham).    Richard,
                              by  contrast,  continued  mounting  into  the  twentieth
                              century, and died in 1959 at the age of 95.  As attested
                              by  Helen  Reed,  he  became  a  father  figure  for  other
                              members  of  the  family.    Never  married,  lacking
                              children  of  his  own,  he  was  affectionately  known  as
                              “Uncle  Dick”.    (The  parallel  with  William  Joseph
                              Norman – “Uncle Will” - is obvious, since both were
                              accomplished  mounters,  both  had  additional  artistic
                              abilities,  both  were  childless,  and  both  became  father
                              figures for younger family members.)

                              Daisy Suter, our mounter’s sister, younger by 24 years,
                              married  William  Peirce,  and  their  son  William’s
                              wedding to Grace Chapman is shown below.  “Uncle
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