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Dick”  can  be  seen  directly  behind  the  bride,  and  his
                              sister Daisy stands to the groom’s right.

                                       Helen Reed recalls,

                                     “This photo is how I remember ‘Uncle Dick’.  I
                                     was 11 when he died in 1959 aged 95.  He lived
                                     with my grandmother Daisy and my father, still
                                     at 10 Highweek Road, until his death.”

                              She also states that,

                                     “My grandfather died when my father was 2, so
               ‘Uncle Dick’ was his father figure and role model.”

                              Before  mounting  full  time,  Richard  Suter  had  been  a
                              schoolteacher,  and  William  Peirce  junior  became  a
                              school science teacher: the father figure influence was
                              strong.    “Uncle  Dick”  as  a  grand  patriarch  is  seen
                              below  at  a  party,  probably  a  church  Christmas
                              celebration (Helen Reed comments that he looks “fed
                              up”,  but  the  picture,  if  it  shows  a  congregation,
                              indicates his continuing adherence to religion.)
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