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P. 18

Photograph of Richard Suter in the back garden of the
                              family home at 10 Highweek Road, Tottenham, with an
                                                inscription on the back

                              The inscription, dated April 4 , is addressed to William
                              Peirce junior and his family, and was given to them in
                              1954.  Apparent remains of a world war two Anderson
                              air  raid shelter  appears  behind  Suter. The  photograph
                              may  have  marked  his  90   birthday  -  the  number  90
                              seems to be written in the bottom left hand corner, and
                              the year 1954 fits.  An outhouse, and the remains of a
                              shelter, seem to be behind a boundary fence, hence next
                              door  to  10  Highweek  Road.    There  was  probably
                              another such assemblage in the back garden of no.10 –
                              most people seem to have set up such things during the

                              world war 2 blitz.

                              Exactly  when  Suter’s  eyesight  deteriorated  badly  is
                              unknown.    Images  of  Suter  in  his  advanced  years  do
                              not  show  him  wearing  spectacles:  surgery  was
                              available  for  cataracts,  so  they  are  unlikely  to  have
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