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been  the  problem.    Late  onset  macular  degeneration
                              seems  a  possible  cause  of  his  visual  impairment,  and
                              that would certainly curtail work with the microscope.
                              His death certificate at age 95 certified a stroke as the
                              cause: if one seeks a link between this and his impaired
                              vision, perhaps poorly controlled hypertension springs
                              to mind.  But unless clinical details turn up in diaries or
                              the like, one can only guess at causes, or their time of

                              Suter the artist

                              Recently, Helen Reed sold a paintbox on eBay, to an
                              antique  dealer  in  the  USA.    Examples  of  Suter’s  art
                              work have also survived among family heirlooms.  The
                              paintbox  was  awarded  as  a  prize  to  Suter  as  a
                              schoolboy, by the Department of Science and Art: it is
                              tempting  to  think  that  observing  the  artistic  skills  in
                              arrangements  of  butterfly  scales  or  diatoms  on  slides
                              later inspired his move from school teaching into full
                              time mounting.
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