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A Suter tour de force: a vase with a bouquet of flowers,
                                                 with insects and birds

                              The  “bouquet  and  vase”  mount  corresponds  exactly
                              with the entry in Suter’s 1900 catalogue:

                              “Exceedingly  fine  Bouquet  with  Vase,  richly
                              ornamented with Butterflies and Birds”.

                              Priced at three pounds sterling, a considerable sum for
                              the time, it is a great rarity: how many have survived
                              beyond this family heirloom is unknown.  The dealer
                              who  acquired  the  paintbox  made  vague  mention  of
                              “exhibitions”, but no details have been forthcoming.  It
                              is possible that Suter exhibited paintings locally either
                              when  he  was  still  in  inner  London,  or  later  in
                              Tottenham  (or  both).    But  his  finest  art  work,  on
                              surviving evidence, is the “bouquet and vase”: it entails
                              as  much  skill  as  any  watercolour  (and  more  complex
                              specialist expertise).

                              A man of piety
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