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P. 23

Another  surviving  watercolour  is  an  illuminated
                              religious  tract  shown  above  (both  this  and  the  other
                              watercolour  are  on  card,  measuring  around  a  foot
                              square.) A tract decorated with such care cannot but be
                              the  work  of  a  man  with  strong  Christian  faith.    The
                              tract  is  from  the  Book  of  Revelation,  which  may
                              indicate that it was done amidst Luftwaffe assaults on
                              London  during  either  of  the  world  wars,  which  had
                              eschatological  implications  for  some.    In  1915  a
                              Zeppelin,     encountering      anti-aircraft    fire    from
                              Tottenham, dropped bombs there: later, the raids were
                              repeated – with a vengeance – during world war two.
                              Neither watercolour can be dated: but airborne assaults

                              certainly left marks on Tottenham.
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