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Spot map of bombs dropped on the Tottenham Green
                              Ward, October 1940 – June 1941, with a scene from an
                                  underground air raid shelter in Tottenham.  One
                                     parachute mine demolished several streets.

                              Some air raid shelters could not withstand the blitz - in
                              the  Tottenham  area  of  Downhills  more  than  40
                              civilians died as the result of a direct hit on a shelter.
                              Tottenham children were evacuated to the country, and
                              barrage balloons appeared above the district.  It would
                              not have been surprising if such things inspired thought
                              of world’s end.  As it turned out, both Richard Suter
                              and 10 Highweek Road survived the war, and outlived
                              its  end  by  many  years,  whatever  the  psychological

                              impact of the blitz.

                              In my previous article on Suter’s work (see Micscape,
                              June  2010)  I  guessed  that  Highweek  Road  may  have
                              been  bombed:  but  it  was  completely  spared,  and  still
                              intact in the early 1970s: the picture below shows it just
                              before demolition in preparation for re-development.

                               The Suter House at number 10 is towards the left end

                                           of the terrace row shown above.

                              Sales via optical firms
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