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Most surviving Suter mounts are devoid of secondary
                              retail  labels:  Brian  Davidson’s  extensive  collection  –
                              on  which  Brian  Bracegirdle’s  Microscopical  Mounts
                              and  Mounters  significantly  relies  –  does  not  contain
                              any, and others have seen only a few, like those below.

                                Suter mounts with secondary retail stickers: image
                                               courtesy of Howard Lynk

                              In  my  own  collection  of  around  five  hundred  Suter
                              mounts, only a handful (below) have secondary retail

                              Such labels – apart from Newton’s – are seldom seen
                              today, particularly those of Baird, Gregory and Scott:
                              the  double  rarity  –  those  labels,  and  Suter  slides
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