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carrying  them  –  may  belie  the  existence  of  more
                              examples awaiting discovery.  More likely though, the
                              paucity of such labels suggests that Suter’s sales were
                              largely via “word of mouth” networks, or to individuals
                              responding  to  his  Science  Gossip  entries,  although
                              optical  shops  may  have  bought  sporadically  from  his
                              catalogues and on-sold at a profit.

                              Some  mounts  have  “primary”  retail  labels,  where
                              optical firms but not preparers are specified (but can be
                              identified  by  handwriting).    Slides  sold  by  Cole  and
                              Angus,  for  instance,  have  labels  bearing  several
                              handwritings  -  some  that  of  identifiable  preparers,
                              some not.  Baker’s 1901 catalogue is more overt, and
                              lists no less than thirty preparers: it includes “Cole” for
                              a  physiological  series,  and  examples  of  this  series  in
                              Microscopical Mounts and Mounters (plate 4, E and G)
                              have Martin Cole’s handwriting.  Cases like this imply
                              contractual  arrangements,  with  company  labels
                              supplied  to  preparers.    Interestingly,  Baker’s  list
                              features  neither  Ernest  Hinton  nor  W.  A.  Firth,  but
                              “primary” labels with their handwriting occur, as in the

                              examples below.

                                Hinton (L) and W.A. Firth (R) mounting for Baker,

                                              presumably under contract

                              The  Suter  mount  below  is  a  rarity,  and  implies  a
                              contractual  arrangement  with  Dollond,  as  also  seems
                              the case for Martin Cole.
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