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1871,  but  must  have  ceased  business  (and  died)  not
                              long  thereafter.    It  was  very  much  a  family  concern,
                              with Benjamin, his wife Elizabeth, and a “widow” – his
                              sister-in-law  Sophia  –  all  listed  as  opticians  at  that
                              address.    The  three  remaining  “opticians”  were  all  in
                              their seventies by 1871, and do not appear in the 1881

                               Elderly, but apparently still active: Solomons optical
                                        business partners in the 1871 census

                              The “S” in “S&B Solomons” was presumably Sophia.
                              Suter’s microscope could have been made many years
                              before 1871, of course.  I cannot find the family in the
                              1841  census:  Sophia  appears  in  the 1851  census  as a
                              widow and lodger.  She, along with Benjamin, his first
                              wife  “Mar”  (?Margaret),  and  his  daughters  Nina,

                              Louise and Lucy, are all specified as “opticians”.

                              This was a family “cottage industry”: as seen above, 6
                              people, some as young as 10, joined the enterprise.  I
                              have  not  discovered  when  Benjamin  moved  from

                              Yorkshire  to  London-  perhaps  just  after  the  1841
                              census,  since  his  youngest  child  was  10  years  old  in
                              1851  -  but  the  “why”  seems  his  marriage  to  his  first
                              wife, since she was born in Middlesex.
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